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What a Journey

Written by SowetoTV
on 27 October 2015

What a Journey

It has been a very fruitful year that I took with Soweto TV alongside National Electronic Media Institute of South Africa (Nemisa). A road trip that I dedicated myself into, had finally reached its peak.

I can now safely and confidently say that I have learnt a lot at both from Soweto TV and Nemisa. I met different people whom are as passionate as I am about the television industry.

To Soweto TV and Nemisa, I am thankful for this opportunity in which I was able to get firsthand experience about the industry and I believe that it will come in handy during my career persuasion.

I know many people would have liked to be part of this initiative, but unfortunately we can’t all be chosen. I am forever grateful to have been part of the chosen ones.

I have managed to learn to escape my comfort zone (writing) during this course and learnt something else, production. As a matter of fact, I produced a Magazine Show, and please believe that I didn’t disappoint as I gave it my all. My hard work was therefore recognized at small ceremony held by Nemisa. I received a Producer Of The Year 2015 certificate, and the show managed to be chosen as Best Magazine Show. It is true when they say: “Good things do not come from the comfort zone”.

Moreover, this kind of initiative needs to be carried on so that other people out there who are interested to be in this television industry be given a chance like I got it.


The experience that I have gained throughout this year is something that I will cherish and make sure that it is put into good use and add a value to this not so glamour world of television. I am very thankful.

At Soweto TV I was assigned to work on a show called Soweto Today, where I was assigned to write scripts for the show. I felt this was a moment where I was able to shine with my writing skills.

It has been a well-travelled journey to a point where I feel I can face the industry’s challenges.

Speaking of challenges, the first few weeks at Soweto TV were hard, as you had to get something to do or ask to be given a work. Most staff members seemed to be in the dark about us, as we were newcomers. But I held on until I was recognized. I almost reached a decision of quitting, but my passion and believe for the industry kept me going and blessed enough I am here today. I am proud to say, I have reached the set deadline for my learnership.

I have also learnt that healthy working relationships with people who share the same vision, is somewhat good medication for me. I was inspired to wake up every single day and fulfill my responsibilities.

I would also like to send my heartfelt thank you to Zakhele Mlotshwa. He has been nothing but supportive and helpful. He has been good to me and I know a few people that can back me up. I am forever grateful for the opportunity he presented to me. Words can never be enough to express my gratitude.

I pray, hope, wish, and have a faith that Soweto TV and Nemisa will grow to be the best 2 developmental organizations in the country. I have thoroughly enjoyed this journey.



The much appreciative, Hlokomelo Mabogale.