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Thank you SOWETO TV

Written by SowetoTV
on 04 December 2015

Thank you  SOWETO TV

As a poor graduate with no income, from interview to final decision is a bit of an inconvenience.They knew exactly how much experience I had which was nothing. The very fact that they advertised the role as learnership led me to believe that little experience was required in the first place.

The one emotion that I strongly felt before starting this internship was nervousness.I have always worried whether or not I would get along with the other interns or other colleagues in the office. However, the more I got into this internship at Soweto Tv, the more at ease I felt.  Before starting this internship, I have heard horror stories about TV and FILM industry.

 It was April when 10 of us were all gathered in the reception of the Diepkloof studio’s  and we couldn’t contain ourselves. We were excited to enter the profession that we all loved and knew, surrounded by other creatives that understand the essence of storytelling. It was time to learn and prove our capabilities to Soweto TV. It was the beginning to the rest of our lives either at Soweto TV or just the film and television industry. Since I am very shy and reserved, at some point I thought this whole work thing was not for me and maybe I should just go back to school. However, I felt I had come too far to just end it when it had just begun. 

There was a day we introduced ourselves to the Management Team, at that point it sunk in that I am a qualified Director and Scripwriter , and now all those skills had to be put to test. At first I had thought I want to learn everything all at once , simply because we didn’t have much to do, but realised that I have to choose one thing, stick it  and gradually grow with it. I noticed that as an intern, I have to go around and ask if anyone needs help as we needed to keep busy. The more you do, the more you are noticed easily remembered. This is was a job opportunity to learn the craft of what I love, observe and ask questions. 

In the past 9 months, I have a really fruitful internship. I feel so blessed that I had the chance to work at Soweto TV. Starting from the first day of my internship, I already had a lot of engagements to work with and all these helped me to learn quickly. Everyone is really busy but they never ignored my questions and  they help me to finish the tasks quickly. I did make mistakes, even 9 months later I still do, and the seniors will tell me how to correct and “why I have to correct” as well. Knowing the reasons behind makes me know the business and understand what it is all about. Not everyone was assertive and approachable but I managed to stick it out. I had days when I didn’t want to see myself in the office or in the studio because of certain people who just felt good about treating people like puppets , undermining interns and walking all over them. Though I knew exactly who to go to for strength to carry on or just share my pain with.

Today as I write this, I am content to say that I stuck it through and I learnt as much as I could . Although at times it was painful and hard, I never lost my vision as the direction is still the same and even if I don’t get  a contract to be part of Soweto TV, I am going to walk out of the door with all they taught me.  Whether it would be about TV , how to write a proper email , discipline , stand up for myself (well I still need more training there) and just never letting go when it gets tough.

I feel this was a journey worthj travelling. Thank you Soweto TV for all the skills I have developed. 


Nkosazana sithole @deenkosazana