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Written by SowetoTV
on 26 May 2016
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The comedy evening at Tavern Restaurant is the brainchild of a team headed by Tavern’s owner; Anthony. In a brief conversation with THIRTEEN29 Anthony explained how the empowerment of young talent became the main idea behind these sessions.

“Tavern’s relationship with comedy is meant to provide patrons with a different genre of live entertainment and to create a platform whereby mainstream comics could interact with our people while testing new material before performing shows on bigger stages. Soon after we began hosting the evenings in 2012, we became overwhelmed by requests from upcoming comics pleading to have their five minutes. Together with the team at that time, we took a decision which then drove the sessions in a totally different direction. We adopted an open mic approach, which then forced us to create a non-exclusive platform in which both seasoned and aspiring comics could test material and fine-tune their performances in front of a live audience. It was not an easy decision at the beginning, but thankfully we managed to push through the difficult days” said Anthony.

“At first I thought it would be difficult to marry the creative nature of comedy with the scientific nature of business, especially since we were planning to introduce unknown acts to our patrons, but as time went by the things came together. I must commend the determination of the team of individuals who worked at full steam to make sure every Tuesday remained as fresh as possible. That has got to be the reason why we continue to host these evenings” Anthony adds.

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